Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Babies! At Pepperwood Rabbitry

New babies are always cause for celebration! My two does, Iroquis and Partulah, have never let me down when it comes to providing litters with a total of 26 kits born since September 2014.

While Iroquis’ babies (with Hyperion as sire) are predictably albino, grey or brown, Partulah’s litters (sired by Hopi) are more interesting.

Her first litter consisted of 6 white albinos, all of them completely identical, and 1 brown and white Dutch.

 Partulah’s second litter is 8 Dutch kits, all with their own unique patterns, 6 are black and white and 2 are blue-grey and white.
I love new babies and I am super excited about these newest ones! 

People always love the interesting colored rabbits as pets, while I love the solid colors of white, grey or brown for their meat and fur. I already have plans for these new kits and I’m hopeful that they’ll all survive.

Hopefully one or two will be healthy does to keep for breeding, three or four will find forever homes and a few will find their way to our freezer. My hope is that by this time next year I will have 6 does, including my mother doe, two of her daughters and three of her granddaughters.