Thursday, April 23, 2015

S is for Shrinking Lake

                                    “Life is better at the lake”

California is in a serious drought right now and we got almost no rain or snow this past winter so there isn’t much to melt and run off into the lakes and rivers.

Isabella Lake is at record lows, due not only to the drought, but also to the Dam Safety Modification Project. They are lowering the water level and will eventually divert The 178 to make repairs to the dam, which holds the Kern River back from it’s natural course through the valley and into Bakersfield.

My brother once told me that if the Isabella Dam ever broke, it would flood all the way through the canyon and well into the east side of Bakersfield. That’s pretty serious.
The project is set to be completed sometime around 2023, at which time the water level will be raised back up. 

Right now, it’s at about 12% of what it used to be and dropping lower all the time.
They usually put in more water during special events, such as the annual fishing derby and Independence Day weekend. But when we locals go back after these special weekends, the lake is noticeably lower again.

Our lake isn’t the only one that is disappearing. Check out this blog to see before and after images of other lakes and bodies of water that are being affected by the current drought here

You can also check out more about the drought in California to see how locals and businesses are being effected. 

Is the drought impacting you? Is it dry where you are or are you dealing with wet weather?