Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Weird Facts About Me

“Don’t be so quick to judge me, after all you only see what I choose to show you” 

10 Weird Facts About Me

1.    I’ve always loved to write. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a storyteller. As a very young child, the older children in my neighborhood would dictate my stories for me. Once I started kindergarten I was quick to learn how to read and write. And it’s continued ever since.

2.   I love homeschooling. No really! I do love it. My father in law once said, “well as long as it’s not stressful and you’re all enjoying it”. Ha! Not stressful? No, it’s incredibly stressful sometimes. I not only teach my two sons, I also plan, prepare, organize, create, correct and grade everything we do. Plus I have a toddler! But in the end I really do love it.

3.   My hair is the longest it’s ever been in my life. Last time I measured it was at 22 inches. My hope is that by next summer it will be all the way to my butt. I always wanted long hair but have never had the patience to just let it grow. Now that I’ve got it, I don’t know if I can let it go!

4.   I didn’t finish high school. Don’t think me uneducated! Lol I got my equivalency. I took the California High School Equivalency Exam just after I turned sixteen. Paying for the prep books and classes and final exam was my sweet sixteen gifts from my dad. But technically I dropped out of high school not too far into my sophomore year. I regret it still.

5.   I used to breed and raise rats and mice. Now I raise and breed rabbits. People love rabbits! Not everyone loves rats and mice. But me. Most people see diseased rodents but I see fuzzy friends! (I grew up with Disney movies and used to sing to my animal friends just like every Disney princess). I used to carry them around on my shoulder or in my pocket.

6.   I finally met my soul mate. I hope I never forget the very first time I saw him, because I still remember it like it was yesterday. He was sitting on a bar stool and as I came walking in he stood up and he had the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever seen and I instantly knew I just had to have him! I used to believe in true love and soul mates and all that when I was young. As I grew up I began to believe in it less and less. Although I was always a romantic at heart, I had given up all hope of finding a life long, truly deep love. And then I walked into the bar and I saw him standing there.

7.   I love fashion, designers and labels. I’m just always too broke to afford them lol I loved working at Ross, because not only are labels and designers made affordable, but I also got a 20% employee discount.

8.   I only have a few people I would still be in contact with if I didn’t have Facebook. For the most part, people have come and gone from my life. Some of them I have forgotten, most I remember. There have been a few people, however that I have stayed in contact with (off and on) for most of my life and would still know what is going on in their lives without seeing it on Facebook. Of course there’s family, like my brother, my nephew, my favoritism niece, Dalea. But only a couple friends. One I met in junior high and we’ve stayed in contact off and on over the years. Another I met in high school and she’s been like a sister to me for more than half my life.

9.   I hate birds. Hate them. Hate them. Hate them. I’m not sure why. My mom used to rescue baby birds that had fallen out of trees and would hand feed them until they were old enough to fly away. Almost every single one of them survived to adult hood and there were a lot of them. I think some sort of trauma must have occurred when I was a child because I am terrified of them. They have sharp claws and sharp beaks and can fly which means they can chase you and attack your head. Even the creepy way they turn their heads side to side to look at you freaks me out.

10. I miss my pre-90’s eyebrows. Like all teens in the 90’s (97-99 but I count it as the 90’s) I over plucked my eyebrows to thin little lines, sometimes removing them completely, as was fashionable at the time. Unfortunately, my previously Vivian Leigh-esque eyebrows never recovered.