Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Camping at Isabella Lake

Lake Isabella, Ca 2013

"A great many their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars"  ~ Alan S. Kesselheim


C is for Camping, because camping at the lake for weekends and holidays is one of our family's most favorite things to do throughout the summer. 


The boys love it because they get to fish, play in the water and the sand, and now they’re big enough to ride on the jet skis and explore the beach independently.

Lovebug in a tiny tent

Lovebug loves all the people, and other little kids, plus she’s a huge fan of water and sand. Last month she discovered this new thing called "tents" and she must explore them all!

The shrinking lake has left alot of mud

 We have a trailer now, which makes things so much easier, to be able to escape from the sun and wind. Plus it has a shower, which is super helpful sometimes!

Me n my love, hiding under the Easy Up

My Love and I have been camping at the lake for 4th of July and throughout the summer since we started dating and this is our family’s 3rd summer living up here.

Our Family

It’s been amazing so far, to watch my children grow up, surrounded by the beauty of the lake.