Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for You Can Prevent Wildfires

I’m sure most of you have probably seen California wild fires on the news. In the summer they seem to be constantly going. And maybe it’s scary to see it on the TV or maybe you don’t really feel anything, one way or the other. But let me tell you, to us California residents, specifically those in mountain areas, where wild fires are an annual event and we all have evacuation plans, it’s a very scary thing.

It’s especially scary with the drought situation currently going on in our state. No rain + mountainsides of dry grass+ dry lightning and thunder storms = a nerve wracking season. My husband and I have a plan to get our family and possessions to safety in case of a wildfire.

Now, for those of you not living in fire prone areas can still exercise caution and use common sense when visiting areas that can catch fire. For instance, you could be aware of burn days, learn how to maintain and extinguish a campfire, use an ashtray, (don’t throw cigarette butts out the window) and make sure there are no sparks coming from your car.

It may sound kind of public service announcement, but for people living in our area, a carelessly thrown match can ruin people’s lives, destroy their homes and possessions and even cause the loss of life.  

   Here is a link to educational resources and printable coloring pages for kids.