Friday, April 10, 2015

H is for Homeschooling in the Mountains

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 You may be wondering, is homeschooling in the mountains different from homeschooling in the city? 


Well, a few years ago, my oldest son was homeschooled. The school called it “extended education”, where he did his lessons at home and we reported to the teacher weekly. He was homeschooled but still enrolled at the public school.  Nay still went to public school on a regular schedule. 


That was very much a different situation than what we’re doing now, with D and Nay both being homeschooled. We still report to a charter school, but I plan and prepare my own lesson plans. 

Now, I’ve seen many homeschooling moms get so irritated when people ask them how they manage to socialize their children. However, it’s been an actual struggle for us. There aren’t any children my sons’ ages living nearby, there are no parks, rec centers or neighbors within walking distance.


 I have decided that this summer the boys will attend sports, classes and other programs so that they can meet other kids, to remain friends with after school starts back up again next year. 

Like I said, we report to a charter school. They also have field trips, where we can get together with other homeschooling families and do different activities. 

        We also plan to do more family field trips, get out of the house more. We sort of hibernate in the winter, but we emerge in the spring. 

And of course there's always fun family activities. Let's admit it, when you're doing this whole education thing yourself, a little imagination can take math a long way. 

 "Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself" ~ John Dewey