Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quite the Fisherman

Now, I’ve never been much of a fisherman, fisherwoman, fisher person, whatever I would be called. But my hubby absolutely loves it and has pretty much his entire life. My sons also love it, though my oldest, D enjoys the fishing part, Nay likes playing in the water and then eating the fish after they’re cooked. 

Here in the Kern River Valley, fishing is a pretty big deal! As I’ll tell you more about, in T is for Tourism & Trout later this week, our economy revolves a great deal around people coming to our area to fish.


We have the annual Fishing Derby in March/April, the Trout Festival at the Hatchery in April, the kids Fishing Derby in June, and Free Fishing Day, followed by a fireworks display over the lake on July 4th.

We try, throughout the warmer part of the year and into the winter months, to catch plenty of fish. We grill, cook and smoke some, while still trying to put some in the freezer for later. 

We don’t rely heavily on it as a main source of food, but during certain times it does make up a small percentage of the meat we put in our meals.  

Here is a picture of some of the fish you can catch when you come to Lake Isabella this July 4th for FREE FISHING DAY! That’s right! You don’t need to have a fishing license. 

Just bring your family and your fishing pole and head to Lake Isabella. Kids under 16 always fish for free, when accompanied by a licensed adult. Catch trout, catfish, crappie and many others!