Monday, April 20, 2015

O is for the One Seventy Eight

The small town we live in is one of many strung along State Route 178. We locals just call it The 178. It exists in two main constructed segments, with various local roads and State Route 190 making up the space in between. It runs to Bakersfield, where it turns into the 58.

It connects State Route 99 and downtown Bakersfield, with East Bakersfield and Lake Isabella. It’s also the only seasonal crossing and one of two crossings over the Sierra Nevada, south of Yosemite.

Along the way it cuts through The Canyon, which was built by prisoners from Folsom Camp 9. It’s famous for it’s beauty and dangerous curves.

As well as running alongside the Kern River off and on, it also allows a great view of the valley, surrounding mountains, Isabella Lake and beautiful foliage, blooming in brilliant colors during the right time of year.