Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xtreme Riding

My sons are the ones who came up with “Xtreme Riding” for my ‘X’ post. I had them write a tiny blog post of their own, explaining what Xtreme Riding means to them and why they enjoy it.

For me, extreme riding is watching my kids on their quad, dirt bike or jet ski. I don’t like to go on boats (I’m afraid of water) and I am not coordinated enough for the off road vehicles lol. My husband really wants me to be brave and learn how to ride, which I’m sure I will do, once Lovebug is bigger. For now, while the men are doing any sort of “xtreme” riding, I am usually on the sidelines, keeping the baby out of the way and taking pictures or video.


My favorite vehicle to go Xtreme Riding on is my quad. A quad is fun when you go fast, but you have to be safe. One time, I was riding my quad when it was not a lucky day. I tried to go one way, but the quad tried to go the other. Then all I saw were trees and branches and leaves. Then I heard a big crash! But I was okay and so was the quad. It was so much fun! I love going fast on my quad!


My favorite form of Xtreme Riding is on a quad. They are small, fast mobiles that can be very fun and go really fast. Sometimes they can almost go as fast as a car but you can also do jumps. You need gas, like a car, but you can go wherever you want (dirt is better!).
One time, my dad and I were going up a hill. I thought I could follow him, so I tried and tried but it was too steep. I tried to go maximum but pushed the quad too far and then went head over heels (me and the quad) rolling back down the steep hill. The quad was fine and I was too so in the end it was so much fun!