Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Isabella Fishing Derby

Every year there is a fishing derby held at the local lake. The past three years I’ve gone, it was in April but this year it was the last weekend of March. It’s a great family event, and trailers and tents are always set up front to end all around the lake.

We’ve never won anything but we still come out, camp and fish every year. This year, the prices went up a little bit, with $30 per individual and $65 per family. Instead of tags on the fish, associated with prizes, as done in previuos years, this year they gave out cash prizes for longest trout. 1st $5,000, 2nd 4,000, 3rd 3,000, 4th 2,000, 5th 1,000, 6th 900, 7th 800, 8th 700, 9th 600, & 10th 500. A total payout of  $18,500.

My love was in 4th place on the board for the first day, but quickly got knocked off. We’re proud that he almost won anyway.

     The boys are self proclaimed "expert fishermen", even tying and baiting their own hooks. They get better at it every time. And they love to eat what they catch!

Tents are always fun and we have a trailer, still in the process of renovating, that makes camping with children so much easier. Especially since the wind seems to follow people up the canyon, it's nice to get out of the weather.