Wednesday, April 29, 2015

W is for Weekend Activities

"Weekend is the best day of the week"

On weekends (when the weather is so inclined) there are usually many activities going on around here! In the summer there are many fishing and water related activities for families and individuals, but even in the winter months, there is always something going on.
One of my family’s most favorite weekend activities is going to the local swap meets. There is a smaller one here in our little South Lake, and a larger one in Lake Isabella. We have found some truly amazing deals at the swap meets.

Our other most favorite weekend activity is going to the lake. Either swimming (in the summer), fishing or just hanging out in the sunshine, enjoying the magnificent view of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Even if we don’t go anywhere or do anything, weekends are definitely our favorite, because daddy is home and there are no lessons to do. It’s a time for fun, family and maybe projects. And I love it!


What are your favorite weekend activities? Do you spend time together as a family? Do you like to go out and do things on the weekends or do you like to stay at home?