Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L is for Lounging by the Lake

Lounge /lounj/ verb:  to sit, stand or lay in a relaxed or lazy way

   How could I tell you about the beautiful Kern River Valley that I live in without mentioning lounging by the lake? I talked about camping at the lake, but that’s a weekend or a few days at least. 

Me n Lovebug 2014

Lounging is when you just pack up some drinks, snacks and a giant umbrella and spend a few hours taking in the view and soaking in some sunshine (optional).

  I’ve written before about the pros and cons of getting sunshine, but this isn’t so much about the physical health factor as it is about the mental health factor. Check out To Tan or Not to Tan; Well Now That's the Question.


I’m a stay at home mom and we homeschool. So it is vital for us to get out of the house, at least for a little bit and just relax with my kids.

Me n Lovebug 2013


And what is more relaxing than lounging? Laying out on the sandy beach and watch the waves go by is very soothing. Sounds almost like going to the ocean huh? Well it’s our own little (very, very tiny) ocean that’s just a few minutes from our house.

Lots of mud!

I wear sunblock and try to only get the healthy rays. And I definitely make sure the kids have sunblock. As well as hats and a place to get out of the sun. It’s not relaxing if you’re too hot!  


Do you like to lounge by the water and hang out with your kids and family? 

Do you have a body of water to go to near your house? What’s your favorite beach activity?